A Lil’ Slice of Heaven

This was a blog post that one of the members of our group sent to me.  If you would like to have your stories shared please email them to me or message me!


A Lil’ Slice of Heaven 

Mexico Beach, Florida

            My first trip to Mexico Beach was about a decade ago. Yes, folks – I know that makes me a “new-by,” but I’ve been hooked on the place ever since.      

            I was invited by my mom.  She’s been a regular for decades.  I won’t tell you how many decades because she’ll kick me in the shin then not talk to me for a couple weeks.  It was a much needed break from reality though.

            The directions I was given for the road trip were sketchy.  I got in my car, bag packed, and headed down.  All back roads, no street lights and my throttle cable was held together with airplane wire.  My eyesight isn’t great on a good day.  In the dark, it’s abysmal.  I finally started to ‘take breaks’ and pull over on the side of the road to let the trucks pass.  They appreciated it.  I know, because my car still had a back bumper when I got there.

             The last part of the directions on my road trip map was “STOP” when you see the Lookout Lounge on the left – otherwise you’re going straight into the ocean.  That was REALLY good advice!  Not sure which would have sunk quicker, me or the old car.

            Right turn, found where my mom was staying, and woke up to the prettiest white sand I’ve ever seen in my life.

            Mexico Beach Strong, Ya’ll! 


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