Bess Tuggle from the Piedmont Chronicles / Blog Post Author wanted!

This is an article in the Piedmont Chronicles that describes how much fun and what a great place Mexico Beach is on New Years.  This was an except from the article and it's the one thing that I remember from how great New Years is down there:

Mexico Beach is on the Gulf of Mexico, and right next to the time line.  You get to start in Port St. Joe, enjoy the fireworks, and then move on to Mexico Beach to do it again.  There’s a bus system that takes you back and forth all night.  

Thank you Bess Tuggle for sending us this wonderful article.  I highly recommend everyone reading it and keeping up with any other articles she might post.  Also if you have anything that you might like to contribute to our blog please send it to and I will get it posted.  I'm also looking for anyone who would like to contribute reguarlary to this blog.  I can get you setup and y'all could post as much or as little as you would like.  It would be great if we could get someone who still lives down there who could post updates from down there.  If you might be interested in doing that please let me know!

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