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Good morning everyone!  I just wanted to post this and let everyone know that we are now accepting submissions for new product ideas.  If you will email me your best Mexico Beach photos to I will look through them and post which ones are the best and then either put them out for a vote or use them all and turn them into some awesome Mexico Beach Strong products.  As you've seen with our Mexico Beach Pier Collection we can do a lot of different types of items with any photo that you may have.  If you have a special Custom Item that you would like made please email me as well and I can discuss options with you for getting it made as well, i.e. a family portrait at Mexico Beach or a picture of your house or anything like that.  I know my family has a lot of photos from past family gatherings that we use to have at our house "Windchimes" in Mexico Beach and the idea of getting that turned into a throw pillow or large canvas or tapestry is really a nice idea and / or gift idea for someone special.  If you do have a photo that you would like to submit or one for me to turn into an item for you please send them to me but I need the highest quality photo you have.  Sometimes Facebook photos works but the majority of the time they are very compressed and the quality just isn't there.  For canvases I need about a minimum of 300 dpi and for larger items such as beach towels or tapestries I would need about 500 dpi.  If they are very large and you can't email them just let me know and I will work with you on getting another way to get them to me.  Thanks for all of your support and hanging in there with us as we continue to improve this site.



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  • Windchimes on 29th? We stayed in the Barns at the end of 29th. We were there many times when you all had your family reunion. Our girls always looked for your sweet dog every time we walked by the house.

    Amanda Everett

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